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Institutional Perspectives

Emerging Markets Insights: Emerging Markets End 2017 with a Bang!
Emerging markets did well in 2017 and we expect the asset class to remain on an upward trend in 2018, against a favorable backdrop of robust economic growth, increased asset inflows, solid foreign reserves, strong current accounts and stable local currencies.

2018 Global Investment Outlook. Reflections on Growing Economies and Fading Stimulus
We expect the reversal of quantitative easing, rate hikes and rising inflation pressures in the US to be among the most impactful factors for global financial markets in the upcoming year

Alternative Credit Strategies: A Diversifying Complement to Traditional Fixed Income Portfolios
Traditional long-only benchmark-constrained bond allocations alone may not be as reliable a hedge for portfolios as they once were. Today’s investors may want to consider supplementing their current fixed income allocations with alternative credit funds.

2018 Long-Term Capital Market Expectations
Our capital market expectations are intended to provide annualized seven-year return expectations. We believe global stocks have greater performance potential than global bonds in an environment of reform measures and stimulative fiscal policy.

Shift in EU Investors Towards US Municipal Bonds
The US taxable municipal bond market appears to be a compelling proposition for investors outside the US. Some of the other factors that add to the attractiveness of taxable US municipal bonds (munis) include their credit quality, low correlation with other asset classes and long duration, which make them suitable for long-term investors such as insurance companies and pension funds.

Investment Strategy and Research Committee Allocation Views - February 2018
Major Themes That Frame Our Tactical Asset Allocation as at 6 February 2018: Continued Global Growth, Subtle Inflation Pressures, Business cycle remains positive.

Notes on Global Equity Markets - January 2018
Stocks rallied in 2017 as investors looked beyond political turmoil and Federal Reserve Board tightening and wagered instead on global growth and earnings-accretive fiscal stimulus.

A Strong Start to 2018 for Emerging Markets in January
We expect the global economic environment to remain favorable, driven by pro-business policies, increased investment, high liquidity and emerging-market (EM) growth.


Turn Volatility Into Opportunity

In today’s world, the only thing that seems certain is uncertainty. And while traditional strategies can be vulnerable to volatility, that same volatility can represent an opportunity for hedge fund managers to generate attractive, risk adjusted returns.

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